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The Agora Phone Number 01273 95 00 35

I am excited to announce that I am aiming to reopen my clinic and running lab in compliance with the local, state and national regulations for 1st week July. In the meantime I am implementing a rigorous sanitation and safety standard protocol to ensure we can work with our patients and keep us all Covid-19 free. Our online booking system is now open should you wish to make an appointment, alternatively you can call our clinic number 01273950035 as lines are open and we'd be happy to talk through your needs and our future services. Covid19 safety page to follow.

Mitchell Phillips

Having descaled my business from a 12 strong team at a high priced prestigious premises in Hove allows me to get back on the track of delivering a high quality, customer focussed service where support doesn't just start and finish in the clinic. As most successful rehabilitation happens 'client-end' (how you take care of yourself the other 6 days 23 hours of the week), I take great interest in staying in touch to help keep you on that straight line during this cycle. Having someone only a text or an email away can often be enough to turn a 12 week injury into a 2 week injury. This can only happen with a clinic small enough to handle this, hence my new clinic right by the cafe in Hove Park.


I have been fortunate to have worked with some great people and organisations that do some really great things. Being one that very rarely stands still, getting involved and contributing has always been an important and enjoyable part of my life.

I have been rehabbing sporting and non sporting folks since launch 2002 (award winning Studio57clinic and 3D running analysis company StrideUK). I'm a self confessed running geek / nerd / enthusiast working in sports therapy / sports injury / massage & performance. Sports therapy delivers a 'hands on' approach to supporting you back to health, whether knee pain, back discomfort, a shoulder irritation or 'tight neck and shoulders'. Sports therapy typically promotes 'manual therapy' (often known as massage) to help improve mobility to get you back to doing what you love doing best. On top of that, I'd like to think I deliver it with first class customer service, treating you like a Rockstar everytime you visit! More about me...

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