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Covid cautious home visits.

Home / garden visits are now a service I'm offering for anyone challenged to visit either of my clinics. For £90 for a 90 minute visit, I am happy to visit you in the comfort of your home whether being for sports injury diagnosis / muscle discomfort or deep tissue maintenance / prehabilitation treatments. Home visits have proved a positive way of getting some pain management / relief whilst Corona virus continues to reap uncertainty towards venturing outside, using public transport or entering other establishments.

Home visits will come with some tight guidelines to ensure best Covid precautions are promoted.

  1. Please ensure that you have a broad space with good air circulation to welcome me and my XL treatment couch. Any size greater than 3 x 3 metres would be ideal, preferably with doors or windows open. 
  2. Ground or first floor home visits only. Although I'm more than happy to tackle a flight of stairs or two with my equipment, 2nd floor / 3rd floor flats do tend to struggle with height restrictions which does reduce air circulation. 
  3. PPE will remain compulsory for me (gloves and mask) but optional to you for your comfort. Towels will be provided by me which will be super clean, crisp and fresh. All I do ask is for you to prepare the standing area I will be working in to be clean with any surrounding surfaces wiped down with antibacterial spray or wipes. 
  4. Please do not book an appointment if anyone (including yourself) in your house has been tested positive for Covid19 or in quarantine for what ever reason. It is paramount that we keep everyone safe including myself, family and other clients. 
  5. Please also rebook your appointment if yourself or anyone in your household comes down with potential symptoms of Covid19. This includes a cough, a high temperature or a loss or change to your sense fo smell and taste. 


Payment of £90 can be made either by cash or card for present and pre-existing clients of mine. Any new clients would need to pay upfront to secure their booking (will call you soon after booking to take payment).

T&C's As a health professional, I have my right to cancel / reschedule your appointment if I do not feel comfortable with the precautions put in place in your environment to keep both of us safe from Covid19. Although massage therapy is not open heart surgery, I have a duty to ensure that I protect my family and other clients from transmission of this potential life threatening virus.

To book today please follow the link below or alternatively, feel free to call me on 01273 950035 if you wish to speak with me about your own personal requirements.


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