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Post Covid clinic changes

The moment I had that realisation that for now, all future support I provide my clients in clinic will be behind a mask, saddened me. The concept of temporarily losing one of the most vital focal points of determining feelings and emotions comes as a real hit to me, I love to smile at the best of times, let alone seeing someone else smile back. But knowing the potential health implications that could occur as a result of not supporting Covid19 health and safety guidelines gives me every reason to ensure we look after each other correctly.

Tuesday 1st September clinic update

So my clinic has been under a rigorous squeaky clean refurb to promote best hygiene  / safety measures to keep us safe if visiting for injury diagnosis / rehabilitation / treatments. Feeling comfortable and confident within your clinic environment and therapist has never been so paramount mindful of the continious underlying threat of Covid19. My objective is to provide a space that more than meets your own covid cautious criteria with ventilation to allow you to relax and breathe without concern. For these reasons, please note the following changes to keep us all safe. 

  • Firstly, my clinic has had a full refurb including tiled walls and new flooring as a means to get things looking sharp, clean and hygienic. 
  • All towels and couch covers are replaced following every treatment with floors, treatment couch and seats sanitised too.
  • All hands on therapy will be conducted wearing a face mask and medical gloves (despite the many mixed theories & Covid cautious approaches out there). 
  • Adequate ventilation will pass through the clinic as I will have doors and windows open to promote airflow. 
  • Staggered appointments / offset start times has proved the best way to maintain 60 minute treatments with a 15 minute window inbetween bookings to promote maximum hygiene in preparation for each and every client. As a result of this, your appointment time may be 15 / 30 / 45 minutes past the hour instead of on the hour.
  • Payment can be made through my cc terminal which will be clean and santised following every transaction. You also have the option of transferring funds to me via your banking app.
  • Please bring your own bottle of water to help keep you hydrated.
  • Please ensure you have been to the loo prior to your arrival as the toilets presently remain closed.
  • Please under any circumstances do not visit if you have any symptoms of Covid19 OR have been exposed to anyone who also may have had symptoms of Covid19 for the past 14 days.
  • A Covid health screening program will be conducted on every visit, a signed disclaimer will also be requested to make you aware that you are undertaking sports therapy at your own risk and responsibility. 
Needless to say, I would welcome and support any precautions you wish to undertake to keep yourself 'safe' in my clinic, but you can also trust that the changes I have implemented to my clinic are off highest precautionary standards.
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