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Jumpstart July, let's kick the tyres and light the fires!

I feel the need

For many stepping out of lockdown, the picture looks similar. We all still remain about the same height, our hair may be in need of some professional help, our eating habits may be in need of serious revaluation, our bodies may have gained a little bit more timber and our muscles may have been furloughed the day our jobs were too. As one of my clients so perfectly put it... I feel like i'm leaving Alcatraz, but overweight with a drinking problem!
The good news is that despite have being 'self' granted the 'hall pass' to eat, drink and do as little as you fancy, the hair can be cut, the diet can be changed, the timber can be lost and our body  / fitness will return to normal. 
Returning to fitness (or any kind of healthy functional movement) may feel like a daunting concept. And whilst gyms and fitness centres still remain in limbo to when they can reopen, I'm offering the support you may need to get things moving again, which is why, from July 1, you can jump start your fitness with me, regardless of age, flexibility or physique, in the beautiful grounds of Riptide Health & Fitness, Hove Park. Lets call it Jumpstart July!

Taking bookings for July 1, book yourself in with me for a 45 minute one to one tailor made strength & conditioning session designed around your present and past ability. Through a full body biomechanical  / mobility assessment, I’ll load you up with all the right exercises to help best return your body to it's best pre-covid former self. 

Your training session includes:

  • A full body biomechanical assessment (to test whats working and what's not!)
  • A light dynamic warm up and flexibility plan (few yoga positions too)  
  • Hip and lower back mobility (which also works wonders if you have lower back discomfort)
  • Strength and balance work (reacquainting key muscle groups working together.
  • Compound and functional exercises (lets get your whole body communicating again) 
  • An extensive warm up and cool down to help reduce vulnerability to injury. 

This is a Covid safe training session promoting safe distance rules with plenty of outdoor space and air to move and breathe. Age, mobility or fitness is irrelevant as it's all about waking up what you've got and encouraging just a little bit more! 
1 session - £45 
Frequency is completely down to you. You're very much welcome to visit me once to get a return to training program established. If however you prefer to make a weekly / bi weekly thing of it, happy to support you with that too. 
I believe 4 sessions is all your require (providing you do your bit the other 5 days a week) to help get you back on the road to good health and great mobility. You will leave with a program that can easily be replicated in the luxury of your own space at your own leisure.

Book online, get things moving... literally

Book today! With our very new online booking software, you can schedule an appointment in no time at all and be on the first step back to function. UpandRunningInHovePark operates 6 days a week from 10am until late giving you plenty of clinic availabilities to choose from. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

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