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So as the dust settles and an element of normality maybe in our line of vision, many of us ask ourselves... how on earth am I going to get my fitness back and where do I start? 

I’m offering one to one tailor made strength & conditioning sessions around your present and past ability. Through a neatly designed biomechanical  / mobility assessment, I’ll load you up with all the right exercises to help best prepare your body to get race ready, very race ready.

This is a 45 minute sessions, outdoors, in the fabulous grounds of Riptide Fitness, Hove Park.
This includes:

  • A full body biomechanical assessment (to test whats working and what's not!)
  • A light warm up run (once round the park with some rotation drills) 
  • Hip and lower back mobility (which also works wonders if you have lower back discomfort)
  • Strength and balance work (reacquainting key muscle groups working together.
  • Plyometric drills to encourage fast twitch and power (working at your own ability)
  • An extensive warm up and cool down to help reduce vulnerability to injury. 


This is a Covid safe training session promoting safe distance rules with plenty of outdoor space and air to move and breathe.
1 session - £45 
Frequency is completely down to you. You're very much welcome to visit me once to get a return to training program established. If however you prefer to make a weekly / bi weekly thing of it, happy to support you with that too. 

I believe 4 sessions is all your require (providing you do your bit the other 5 days a week) to help get you back on the road to fitness / marathon training. You will leave with a program that can easily be replicated in the luxury of your own space at your own leisure.

Book online, get things moving... literally

Book today! With our very new online booking software, you can schedule an appointment in no time at all and be on the first step back to function. UpandRunningInHovePark operates 6 days a week from 10am until late giving you plenty of clinic availabilities to choose from. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

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