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What to expect from your initial consultation

All our treatments including your initial consultation is £62. And all our treatments are 60 minutes. We strongly believe that you would always get a better recovery over a sustained 60 minute treatment than a 30 or a 45 minute. This also gives you time to discuss any questions or concerns whilst giving us the time to be best effective with our hands on therapy. 

Initial visit

If visiting us for the very first time with an injury or niggle, allow time for us to register your details and take a full case history to get a good understanding of where you are in the injury  / pain cycle. We'll also conduct a health screen to ensure it is safe to treat mindful of any health issues  / allergies, skin or heart conditions. Testing the area will follow to check range of movement, muscle firing and strength testing. Only at that point can you expect us to give you the most accurate diagnosis to progress to treat the area (and most likely surrounding tissues). Following treatment, exercise prescription (homework) will be given to empower you the ability to help improve your health & function. After all, it's what you do with the other 111 hours of the week that dictates a fast track back to normality!  

Return visits

From that point forward, providing we're we're confident with the nature of your injury or niggle and that treatment outcome has proved positive from your inital visit, expect less questions on your return visit allowing far longer treatment time for us to do what we believe we do best. We believe that 'Hands on' massage therapy  delivers so many great benefits to aid a good recovery.  This one hour 'downtime' plays an important role in 'logging off' from every day strains and stresses, for many it's the only time you get to be without any distractions. We also know that sharing time with somebody positively supporting and treating you is priceless as we often negledt looking after ourselves when life keeps throwing us curve balls!

Initial visit massage

What to expect if visiting us for sports therapy / massage
Visiting us solely for sports therapy / massage, still expect registration time, a quick case history and a health screen to ensure that it is suitable to treat mindful of any health issues  / allergies, skin conditions / heart conditions you may have. due to the nature of your visit, testing is also limited allowing far more time to appreciate and experience a thorough hands on treatment. During this time, you therapist will always work with you to ensure you are comfortable, warm enough and happy with the applied pressure. Following treatment, after care and a little bit of homework is always given to help you get best value following your treatment.  

Initial visit with complex case history

Initial visit with a complex case history
Please be aware that treatment times can fluctuate on your initial visit should your case history require an even deeper investigation based on the complexity of your injury or in the case where you have more than one area of discomfort you would like to discuss. We also ask to be patient with us if your history of health status and previous medical complications that may need to be clarified in order to ensure it is safe to treat you. 

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